Sync and monitor your progress, statistics and awards for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Should you be a medic to increase your heal and revive scores? Should you play the assault kit and unlock that next weapon? Or should you get into that heavy tank to push your vehicle score past your nemesis in Versus?

BF:BC2 Stats for iPhone and iPod Touch is built to help you make those decisions.

  • Cross-platform: Works for PC, Xbox360 or PS3 players.
  • Versus mode: Compare your stats and award status with another player on the same or different platform.
  • Offline capability: Syncing your stats requires online connectivity. Once you've synced, you can be offline and still see all your data. (If you're online when using the app, it will let you know when your data has been updated.)
  • Live queue: See your update status and sync interval in real-time.

  • Rank, Kit, Vehicle and Star progress: See how close you are to the next unlock or rank. Check how many more kills you need to acquire a bronze, silver, gold or platinum star.
  • General stats: Monitor your different scores, what kits you play the most, and your battlefield efficiency (accuracy, kill-death ratios, score per minute, etc. including the new SPECTACT DLC).
  • Weapon, Vehicle and Gadget stats: See which weapon you're most accurate with, which vehicle you've driven the most, etc. View a complete list of technology and how many kills and bronze, silver, gold or platinum stars you've achieved.
  • Dogtags: Check how many unique and overall bronze, silver or gold dogtags you've taken. For those proficient with the knife, you can also search your dogtags.
  • Pins and Insignias: View your award status. See how many pins you've collected, or how close you are to acquiring an insignia.
  • Maps: Hi-res maps for both Conquest and Rush modes. Pinch and zoom to plan your strategy.
  • Check out the changelog.

  • This app is not affiliated with Electronic Arts or DICE.
  • Data is powered by the great team at BFBCS.COM, which also determines the sync interval
  • Requires an iPhone or iPod Touch with OS 3.0 or higher.

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